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This month on Blue Steens

Gender transition is in transition

Transgender health management has seen important advances in the recent past. Some notable remaining issues outlined in this article revolve around the standard of care and insurance coverage.

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Nearly one month in

Vlog about my first month as an ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) trainee. In short, it’s been mental!

ICAS study aids

Being a right model student, I started tampering with the ICAS material to aid my learning (and because it’s fun) and shared some of it in short YouTube clips. Hopefully, they will be useful for other ICAS students.

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Embrace challenge and grow

I share an excellent TEDx talk on perseverance, motivation and personal growth on my website. I will be placing such great external content on Blue Steens every so often from now on.

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Impressions from Offshore Europe 2019

The big offshore (essentially oil & gas) exhibition gave me a good excuse to play with the Lightworks video editor. 🎥

If you are interested in amateur video editing, find some comments on Lightworks on Blue Steens.

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Next month on Blue Steens

We will explore

... what 'health' means, and why it matters.

Beyond Blue Steens

Health data sharing

Sharing healthcare data could bring huge benefits to biomedcial R&D but is fraught with uncertainty about data privacy and management, access and ownership rights and not least ethics. Here are some relevant articles I came across this month.

Tech and legislation

Cases from different industries where legislation was/is either insufficient or lagging behind technological advance.

  • Vaping is suspected in a fifth death and hundreds of injuries - Vaping was hailed as a healthier way of smoking. Now this is questioned. Judging from the uncertainty about ingredient and device safety, I wonder how well things were tested and what approvals of these mass market products involved. Since protective pre-sales mechanisms seem to have have failed consumers, some legislators have now taken action by banning sales temporarily. - CDC reports another surge in number of cases of vaping-related illness

  • Flying taxis are taking off to whisk people around cities - Tech is literally miles ahead of legislation. It sounds like prospective service providers are aiming to work with legislators to get going. Hopefully, commercial interests won’t trump user safety and other societal needs.

  • The Real Story Of The Repo Market Meltdown, And What It Means For Bitcoin - Comprehensible explanation of the dire (insolvent?) state of banks. Add some background on the repo market for better understanding. Also, good insight into how powerless (clueless?) auditors are by design and a hint of bitcoin as antidote. Regulators and legislators seem to be dragging their feet in fixing old and enabling new systems.

  • Not tech-heavy but surely tech-facilitated case demonstrating how slowly legislators react and the damage caused … Cum-ex tax scandal cost European treasuries €55 billion (No recent news even though I’ve only discovered this now.) - Complete legislative fail: Large-scale tax fraud across Europe driven by banks and stockbrokers who exploited a legal loophole. One comment in this article by a main suspect is extremely startling. It conveys sheer ignorance towards the wider implications of exploiting legal loopholes to such an extent and ignores the concept of ‘substance over form’. As if there was nothing wrong with what had been done because it was not strictly illegal. Legislative provisions will probably never cover all possible nooks and crannies, and maybe they shouldn’t. What about personal morals and professional ethics? The people involved were not just amber gamblers on a quiet road. Here are some illustrations to put the figures in context: The Multibillion Euro Theft.

Random musings

  • The 5 Habits Of A Corporate Intrapreneur - Whilst we celebrate entrepreneurs with shout-outs and awards, innovators and drivers within companies get less public attention. Being an employee does not necessarily mean leading a passive professional life. I absolutely appreciate this piece about the challenges faced by intrapreneurs.

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