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Quo vadis?

Career support is often readily offered to young people. What about mature career changers? I feel that we don't make enough use of cross-disciplinary and intergenerational wisdom.

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1 Oct: HUG Standards. Global Collaboration and Harmonization for Digital Transformation in Health Care, Science Digital @ UNGA 75 [general resources]
7 Oct: IEEE Healthcare: Blockchain & AI Kick-off [replays]
13 Oct: MediLedger Webinar #7: An Implementation Walkthrough of a Blockchain-based Solution for Chargebacks in Life Sciences [replay]
13 Oct: BRG Webinar - Enterprise Applications: Ethereum & Baseline Protocol [replay]
15 Oct: Episode 008 Enterprise DLT Live, Philip Baker, RemediChain [replay]
27 Oct: Blockchain in Use: Internet of Things (IoT), BerChain [replay]
28 Oct: How Public Blockchains Will Reshape Industry Supply Chains & Competition [replay, slides, case study]
30 Oct: ConsenSys Health with Mike McCoy, Memphis Blockchain Distributed Ledgers [replay tbc]
31 Oct: Discussion on Enterprise Blockchain Governance, GBA UAE [replay tbc]

*** If you made it down to this point, thanks for reading this far! Just a wee heads-up; there’s not going to be a November edition, as I’ll be too busy to give it the attention it requires. I’m also contemplating the future of this newsletter thereafter. ***

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