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Justifying health insurance expenditure

It can be difficult for public health insurers to decide which medical interventions to cover. A 2018 paper by Johann Go suggests the consistent application of a two-level assessment process to justify healthcare expenditure. The article considers gender transition and race-alteration in this context.

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This month was a bit of a roller-coaster. I am chuffed to bits (as they say) that I’ll be graduating with Distinction from my MSc in Finance and Investment Management at the University of Aberdeen. At the same time, ICAS training is creating more pressure as we’re edging closer to exams. Time management is key now to get ready.


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We will explore

... why patients and patient advocates should be compensated for their contributions to biomedical research.

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  • Researchers Find 15% of Trials Could be Replicated Using Real World Data - A study found that real-world data from insurance claims and electronic health records can be used to replicate ca. 15% of clinical trials. Being able to back up the results gained in prescriptive settings of clinical trials with real-world observations is solid validation. Considering that the mentioned real-world data are not collected for this purpose, the finding in itself does not invalidate the other 85% of clinical trials. It makes you wonder, though, whether there should be more alignment in pre- and post-approval data collection.

  • Karen Petrou: An Equitable-Capitalism Solution to Accountable-Capitalism Demands - Petrou argues that there is already a solution to the presumed critical state of US capitalism: the public-benefit corporation. This is a company with a clear charter to “consider purposes other than profits in decision-making”. The model is already being applied in 35+ states.

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