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Glimpse at the complexity of drug pricing

When we talk about drug prices, what do we actually mean? Is there ONE price? Why do prices differ between countries?

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Mindset – Circle of Influence

In the present tumultuous times with things happening beyond our control, reality can weigh heavily on our shoulders. This reminded me of Stephen Covey’s simple framework - the circle of influence.

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... the complex journey of a drug from lab to patient.

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*** Note that I add references throughout the course of the month. Whilst I try to keep up and replace ‘old news’, the situation is developing so rapidly just now that some articles might be outdated by the time this newsletter is published. ***



  • Seed-Financing for iATROS [German] - Effectively, the company aims to create a virtual cardiovascular clinic by leveraging manufacturer-independent data analysis from smart wearables. Physicians’ advice will be supported by AI.

  • ConsenSys Announces Healthcare Spin-Off—ConsenSys Health - The healthcare-focused spin-off will maintain access to ConsenSys’ core products to develop blockchain- and machine learning-based solutions that aim to introduce increased efficiency into healthcare research and administration.

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