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Economics to boost antibiotics development

Considering the importance of antibiotics for our healthcare, the issue of a dwindling development pipeline must be addressed. This article outlines various economic suggestions to lead us out of a crisis.

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Coincidentally, the W.H.O. Warns That Pipeline for New Antibiotics Is Running Dry.

If the conditions are right, life is inevitable!

Sir Ken Robinson gives an entertaining talk on the educational death valley.

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Results have come out for my first 5 ICAS exams that I sat in early December. I briefly reflect on what went well, and how my approach to studying can be improved.


I have played a bit with Prezi to create a memory aid for case law. Yep, Prezi, the awesome presentation tool that sees MS PowerPoint pale in comparison, especially when it comes to switching between big picture and focus on detail. Here, I’m trying to use Prezi essentially to create memory cards, but it’s way more fun.

I haven’t customised the presentation path. So, if you check it out, don’t just click through because you might end up sea-sick. Instead, click on the little house symbol on the right. That’ll show you the entire canvas; then click on the circles, then on the miniature text to zoom in and read. Note that it’s work in progress.

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As always, there is my trusty YouTube playlist with some study aids.

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We will explore

… my very own recent MSc dissertation on healthcare derivatives!

Beyond Blue Steens


  • Shark protein cancer drug pioneer secures £2 million investment - The University of Aberdeen spin-out Elasmogen has been tenaciously developing their soloMER technology (a small molecule type of antibody). It’s paying off in terms of scientific and financial results. The continued investment is also great news for my alma mater and chosen home. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Scientists Build the First Global Database and Roadmap for CAR Therapy Clinical Trials - Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) therapies involve genetically modified patient- and cancer-specific immune cells. The new database/roadmap is a more comprehensive alternative to the NIH clinical trials database and includes existing therapies and potential targets. This is to streamline development, trial patient selection and reduce toxicity of future therapies.


  • Baebies wins CE Mark for near-patient testing platform - ‘Finder’ is a lab in a cartridge. It can test for Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in a single drop of blood to support the diagnosis and management of neonatal jaundice. Aiming for FDA application in 2020.

  • New prescription monitoring system reveals thousands of Victorians are at risk of harm - The SafeScript programme monitors patient’s prescription drugs and can, thus, detect when there are unfavourable combinations or overuse. Its purpose is to reduce deaths by medication. It would be tremendous if this system included non-prescription substances, for example, through voluntary data submission by patients. This would be desirable because, for example, some seemingly harmless natural tinctures that further health on their own can cause severe adverse effects if administered alongside other substances.

  • CereGate receives financing from High-Tech Gründerfonds [German] - The CereGate platform enables ‘mind-writing’, i.e. the direct transmission of information to the brain. Its current indications are neurological diseases. Neurotechnology, especially with focus on neuromodulation, is a fast-growing market. Its goal is to treat diseases with minimally invasive implants into spine or brain.


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