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Organ donation part 4/4 – Making transplant organs

This final article of the 4-part series on organ donations looks at biotech solutions. Find the previous articles on the website if you've missed them.
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Human test tubes paid to endure?

This is a critical comment on Erik Malmqvist (2019) “Paid to Endure”: Paid Research Participation, Passivity, and the Goods of Work, The American Journal of Bioethics.

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Hello World

In her first-ever vlog Chris introduces herself and her website Blue Steens.

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We will explore

... arguments for the inclusion of gender transition-related procedures in health insurances.

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Happy Apple user or not, worried about digital privacy or not, we might all agree that it is never a good thing for a company to say one thing and do another; especially when they claim to be different (i.e. better) from the competition. Not just a bit of a publicity mess to those who care. Harmful for integrity and credibility.

New way of journalism?

I will not get political here and merely share an observation and some admiration. Maybe I’ve been living under a Twitter rock, but this was new to me. A law student from Edinburgh reported incessantly live from the Scottish Court of Session hearing on 29 & 30 Aug 2019 that challenged Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament. Just facts of what the sudent heard in court (at least for as long as I followed his thread). Wouldn’t it be great if media reporting was more about pure facts than opinions and spin? This student’s effort to inform and engage with others was admirable.

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